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Another great experience with AMO. I have archery hunted with Dale and several of his guides before for elk and deer and each time I’ve had an exceptional experience. This last hunt I passed up over 50 respectable bucks and I had several opportunities at 180+ inch deer and one that was over 200 inches. I ended up scoring on a good buck after two arrow deflections on two giant deer. Dale and his guide put in a lot of time scouting prior to the hunt even though he lived a good distance from my unit. Dale does a great job adapting to whatever style his clients like to hunt and he tailored my hunt around my particular style of glass and stalk even though it was more of a timber unit with few opportunities to glass. Dale also set up a camp to hunt out of that was almost too comfortable and the food was prepared by a chef prior to the hunt so we ate like kings.


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I recently had the pleasure of hunting with Dale Gauthier in Arizona on a mule deer hunt. We were originally scheduled to hunt in New Mexico. Due to weather, our New Mexico hunt was canceled by the outfitter. Less than week later, after doing some hasty internet research, we booked another outfitted deer hunt in Arizona. We flew in from Hawaii, met our outfitter, and the following day we were introduced to our guide Dale. Through our conversations we learned that Dale had his own business, but had been sub-contracted to guide our last minute hunt. Tired and jet lagged, wee hit it off immediately. Our hunt did not end with any punched tags, however we had an awesome hunt and attribute it to the efforts of our guide Dale. Dale was very personable and easy to get along with. He was genuinely concerned with meeting our expectations. Dale worked hard for us, glassing hours and hours to find bucks long after we got tired and opted for a nap. After a few days, I would challenge myself to see if I could spot a deer before Dale did, I don't think it ever happened. By the end of the hunt, we were in agreement that hunting with Dale was like hunting with a true friend and hunting buddy. He was no longer viewed as a guide. It was like he was a friend on our hunt that did not have a tag, completely dedicated to help make the hunt successful.



These guys at AMO are Awesome!! Not only are they Awesome guides but they are Awesome people as well !! This is the second year in a row that either me or my kids were able to get drawn for Bull Elk!! Last year they helped my son get his first ever Bull Elk. This year, 2014 was my daughters turn. Dale called me a few weeks before the hunt and told me he was watching some nice bulls as we were talking on the phone. Clint was our guide opening day for the second year in a row..Sure enough we spotted Bulls the first day but couldn't get within range..Same thing the second morning, we saw the Bulls but they were pretty elusive, so they thought !! We were able to bed them down ,then the stalk was on !! We were fortunate enough to have a stiff breeze that we used in our favor..Clint did a great job of getting us to within 112 yards of those ever Elusive Bulls, sure enough they had no idea what was happening..As they came out 1 by 1 my daughter took a nice 300 + bull !! She had tears of joy and it was an incredible thing to be part of !! Now we have a little chaos between my son and daughter, he was only to get a spike because of the bad weather we had to endure but never the less his big sister will never let him hear the end of it , thanx Clint, its all your (kidding ) fault !! Then i had my tag to fill in another until so i packed up and drove 2 hours to my unit...Dale was my guide this time and we weren't out of the truck 20 minutes when he had us on a Bull, I think my scope was off because i missed ! We saw bulls almost everyday but it wasn't until Wednesday that i filled my tag !! I had a few days to hang out with Dale and now i see Dale and Clint as my friends , not just Guides.